The Girl Behind It All…

Hi lovelies, it's Lorissa, Lo for short! I’m a 28-year old mommy of two, Ciara Christine & Christopher Michael. Makeup and motherhood is my jam as well as inspiring others to feel beautiful and find their purpose to make a difference in the world.

I originally wanted to start this blog to journal my life – I hate how all these amazing moments can go by and you can hardly remember the sweet details that shaped your life. After awhile of posting makeup content… I started to receive comments from my family, friends and followers and I've been completely inspired by all of you, all of your feedback, and encouragement! It makes this, that much more fun and SO rewarding.

With such a great response, HEYLO, will not just be a blog about motherhood or videos about makeup, but a lifestyle brand for ALL areas of life that as women, mothers, business owners, etc. face daily.

Within just a few clicks, you can find it all in ONE place - my blog, beauty services, HeyLo Cosmetics & Apparel, collaborations with other entrepreneurs and brands, renting our studio space, as well as lifestyle videos on our YouTube channel.

I hope that by reading a blog, receiving a service, watching a video or even seeing a picture here, you'll find some inspiration to embrace your strengths and weaknesses. You are the only YOU!

Fall in love with yourself and inspire those that come after you.